#1 Conditions that require immediate action by maryblack123 05.08.2017 12:00

Products can become damaged due to misuse or neglect. Some product damage is serious enough that the product should not be used again until it has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired by an authorized servicer. As with any electronic device, pay close attention to the product when it is turned on. On very rare occasions, you might notice an odor or see a puff of smoke or sparks vent from your product. Or you might hear sounds like popping, cracking or hissing. These conditions might merely mean that an internal electronic component has failed in a safe and controlled manner. Or, they might indicate a potential safety issue. However, do not take risks or attempt to diagnose the situation yourself. Contact the Customer Support Center for further guidance.

Frequently inspect your computer and its components for damage or wear or signs of danger. Contact the Customer Support Center or the product manufacturer for instructions on how to inspect the product and have it repaired, if necessary.

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