#1 Malware steals sensitive info from YOUR favourite apps by anwenwilson 11.07.2017 16:50

FACEBOOK and WhatsApp users have been warned about a dangerous piece of malware that can steal sensitive information from your favourite apps.The SpyDealer malware has existed for almost TWO years and is capable of stealing information from 40 apps including Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. The trojan is capable of grabbing vast amounts of sensitive information from users, such as phone numbers, messages, contacts and call history. It is even capable of finding out the location of the compromised device and - quite terrifyingly - recording any phone calls you make. Any surrounding audio and video will be recorded, and Spydealer can also use the front and rear cameras of a device to take pictures. The Spydealer malware was discovered by researchers from Palo Alto Networks, and itís believed that as many as 500 million devices are at risk. The dangerous malware is only effective against Android users - specifically those running versions Android 2.2 to Android 4.4 However, thatís still estimated to be half a billion devices. Experts believe the malware was NOT spread through the Google Play store.
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