#1 How to track a lost or stolen laptop using Prey by anwenwilson 19.06.2017 12:48

Lightweight laptops, tablets and convertible devices such as Microsoft Surface make it easy to carry the power of a full-size PC wherever you go. But this convenience comes with a risk – every time you take your Windows 10 device outside, there's a chance that it could be lost or stolen.All it takes is one distraction, and your device (and all your data) could vanish. Windows 10 for mobile devices includes a handy new security feature that lets you track your missing device and see its location on a map, but that's the limit of its capabilities and it isn't available for desktop PCs.This is where Prey comes in. Once it's installed on your device, it runs invisibly in the background until you trigger it remotely. You can then activate an alarm on the machine, see its location, display a message on its screen and even lock it down.
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