#1 Do you face troubles serious issues with your laptop? by anwenwilson 17.06.2017 15:55

I have a 4 month NEW Asus portable workstation, with a mess terrible lucky qualities installed.... complimentary from a "put stock in" retailer... NOT.. HARVEY NORMAN in AUBURN! Paid $900 K55VD has 8GB RAM included, so aggregate of 12GB, 1.9ghz, AMD HDMI Radeon, purchased in August and utilized just 26 times out of 77 days before protest to both ASUS and HNorman. I am PC iliterate, so please help me! I require all the counsel and tips i could get! From the time i turned on the portable PC, BSOS screens would show up from the time i initially set up my PC and a couple times before Windows were stacked for marking in. Different issues incorporate, touchpad issues "war unsteady", Windows Update and module establishment failure's, Internet pioneer website page show issues and various numbers of web pilgrim either not reacting or have halted completly. 2 noteworthy issues experienced was the "Blue Screen" and the "Dark Screen". The stunning the truth is not to what extent Ive had this portable workstation, but rather the measure of times I have signed in and really utilized it and for this much issue's to happen! I had the manufactor take a gander at it and i mentioned to him, NOT to settle the tablet, yet he did anywaz and his reason was he just refreshed my drivers, uninstall, re-introduced and downloaded the fundamental drivers in light of the fact that the conclusion was a result of a 'video equipment' disappointment. He additionally said that he had complexities and needed to nearly supplant the motherboard at the same time, yet he asserts that he just refreshed the product and not admitting to really settling the product to empower for an equipment to work... which is "settling" it!? Will you enlighten me on the off chance that i am correct regarding this? What do you believe is the issue?
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