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Over the last decade with Internet pervading every part of our lives, the amount of time we spend on our devices and the extent of our dependence on them have skyrocketed. Antivirus tools have had to evolve into much more comprehensive security software that can take on half a dozen new types of threats. Although OS manufacturers have begun to provide basic security tools, these are paper-thin defences against the sharp and very real threats lurking out there. From compromised software that covertly hijacks your system to be part of a botnet, to apps that siphon off your personal information, today's antivirus software must be built to roll with the punches.
A great security package needs to deal not only with viruses and malware as before, but also provide a tough yet user-friendly firewall, useful and intelligent parental control options, excellent phishing protection, heuristic analysis to identify new zero-day threats, post-apocalyptic rescue tools to bring your devices back from the (figurative) dead... and that's not even the half of it.
More importantly, antivirus/ security software must accomplish everything without impacting your system performance, getting in the way with an endless number of popup notifications, and being unreasonably expensive. With a huge number of options which promise varying degrees of protection, we dug deep to narrow down the best "antivirus" packages for your consideration.
Bitdefender Internet Security

The Bitdefender suite comes with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus - also available separately - which works great and throws up next to no false positives, according to standardised industry tests. It also has a brilliant spam filter, according to rigorous testing by PCMag, which integrates automatically with Outlook, Thunderbird and other popular clients. The ransomware protection can be quite handy as any unknown program looking to lock down your personal files for money will be halted. With cases of ransomware on the rise, this could be a lifesaver for some. Bitdefender's Rescue Mode is like a specialised safe mode which can help you get rid of ransomware or malware that is preventing you from booting into your system. The suite's Autopilot feature goes a long way in being unobtrusive on all fronts - be it the firewall or antivirus.
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